KBB Security Revolving Door with Camera Monitoring System

Dec. 26, 2016

With the popularity of intelligent buildings, the designers especially the owners pay increasingly attention to the entrance area, also become increasingly demanding for the security of the access control, KBB security revolving door come into being under this situation.

KBB security revolving door uses the advanced binocular camera monitoring technology, could monitor the number of people in and out of the door accurately , which could let only one authorized person go through the door, the other unauthorized ones will be prohibited .   

Anti- piggybacking

With the help of advanced Camera Monitoring System, our security door could ensure the safety of the authorized person,  if other unauthorized person followed, the revolving door will stop and revolve back 90 degree to let the unthorized person out .

Anti- tailgating

With the help of advanced Camera Monitoring System,our security door could ensure each passage space could be only  passed  one  authorized person at one time, if there're 2 person walk into the same passage space, the revolving door will stop , then  revolve  back  to the starting point.