KBB Aluminum Profile

Sep. 11, 2015

Most people know the sliding doors from KBB are accepted better in many countries, however, the aluminum door body as well as the aluminum profile for KBB sliding door body also possess the higher cost performance, that's why we start to put the aluminum profile into the market, because we don't want to miss any chance to make our partners better.

In order to meet the different requirement from our clients, we divided the profiles into 4 types including 30#,40#,45# and 50#, which had the different thickness. To 30# profile, it's so slim, if the sliding door with 30# profile installed in the building assembled the glass curtain wall, will make the whole buidling look more transparent and modern . To 50# profile , it's much strong, what's more, it could assemble the panic breakout system, which could make the buidling more safety when something urgent happened .

To you, it must be another crazy opportunity, why not to seize it?