KBB Turnstiles Project In Australia

Sep. 11, 2015

Since KBB turnstiles were launched into overseas market, more and more customers from the world have shown their keen interest in this product. KBB provides full range of turnstiles including tripod turnstile, swing gate, wing gate, sliding wing gate, full height turnstile and all kinds of access control system.


With KBB great support on technology and price, one of our partner in Australia has sucessful defeated their competitors and got a turnstile project with 7 units of wing gate. It's for a police renovation project in Brisban, the turnstiles will be installed in 2 months.


This project has significant meaning for both KBB and our partner, it means we have expanded our business to a new field. And the government project will become a convicing card for KBB. Believe we will participate more and more turnstile projects to display our market strength in the near future.