New Poland Automatic Door Market for KBB

Oct. 24, 2015

KBB opened up a new Poland automatic sliding door market, Poland is competitive in automatic door field, and there are many famous brands attending project bidding such as Boon Edam, GEZE, NABCO especially BESAM and DORMA have assembly line locally. Facing the great challenges, KBB makes a detailed survey to make a breakthrough, finally the new style product SMART operator is accepted by customer who represents TORMAX products for a long time.

By the effort of the salesman, they never gave up researching the market surroundings for further evaluation. Fortunately SMART got it. From the actual example, we realize the market has different demand levels, thereby need to design plans for individual plans for designated clients specially.

By the time we have succeed in the first stage of enlarging Poland even East Europe area, and we will keep moving on efforts to make more quality telescopic sliding door.

Automatic Sliding Soor

Telescopic Sliding Door