New Hermetic Door have been launched surprisingly

Oct. 24, 2015

With the upgrading of automatic door technology, especially the function improvement for hermetic products, a brand-new type of hermetic sliding door have been launched by KBB. It has many selling points, KBB will give you a more details as follows:

1.In addition to the continuation of stronger power of previous products, that's used German Dunkermotoren motor, the new model paid more attention to the needs of clients, and made the subversive improvement to the design which reduced manufacturing cost sharply and brought more profit to the clients.

2. To the new model, couple of surface treatment could be provided such as aluminum coating, steel coating and stainless steel cladding, what's more, the ultrathin lead could also be provided for radiation protection this time.

3. To the opening mode, the new hermetic door could used both sliding and swing model, which could also be widely used in more fields such as traditional operation room, ICU, medical laboratory, and other laboratories with precise instruments.

Considering the demand for the sealed space became increasingly higher, that means the hermetic door will be welcomed madly by the market in the near future. KBB have the enthusiasm, as well as confidence to seize this opportunity.

Hermetic Sliding Door

Hermetic Door