KBB automatic revolving door in Beijing hotel

Nov. 18, 2015

Let us look the project of KBB automatic revolving door in Beijing hotel, there is the details about it, let’s have a look together.

Brief introduction to the project: This notoriously luxurious 5 star hotel displays a royal nobleness through its imposing architectural style as well as through its long history, KA021 the century access uses the unique flying saucer styled peak shape,the floodlight under which can take you through time and space.

Location of project: Beijing

Product models: KA021,KA022

Types of production: two-wing automatic revolving door

Surface treatment: wrie drawing stainless steel

Time of completion: 2004

If you just want to decorate an automatic door for your hotel, hope KBB can find the best solution for you.

Automatic Revolving Door

Automatic Door