2015 KBB new release --- large commercial folding door

Nov. 18, 2015

KBB folding door is ideal for interior automatic doors, but also very suitable for the limited external space door area. After the product is fully open, it has absolute advantage of that space usage is the smallest, but the door width is the largest compared with other similar products. its maximum opening width can up to 14 meters, height up to 4.5 meters.

KBB folding doors can be divided into manual and automatic.

Folding door is made of high-strength aluminum, accessories choose metal fitting which design from Germany and deal with special oxidation treatment, so the entire door structure have superior corrosion resistance, stronger and more durable.

KBB folding door mainly used for shopping malls, office buildings, showrooms, workshops, home decorating and other places as an internal and external partitions, screens, which can effectively play the compartment temperature dust, noise insulation and shading effects.

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