KBB New Sliding Door Operator with MOTOR LOCK

Nov. 12, 2015

What will happen if the motor of the sliding door operator was locked ? Is it safe for the users if there is no electro-mechanical lock assembled in the sliding door operator? Do you have the experience about the uncomfortable feeling for the noise of door locking ? KBB new sliding door operator with Motor Lock will give you the satisfactory answers.

Motor locking system can be used for KBB best selling sliding door operators with the model KS1000 /KS3000 , we updated the structure of KS1000 /3000 for adding 2 key components :  MOTOR LOCK, LOCK CONTROL BOARD.

Compared with the traditional electro-mechanical lock, the unlocking and locking sound of the new model is reduced a lot, however, the safety performance is not diminished . It’s also easy to set left or right single sliding door just adjust the rolling direction of the motor. What’s more,the lock is assembled together with the motor, even the sliding door operator is shorter, it could also be worked perfectly, no extra room will be needed.

To KBB, the motor locking system is an optional system, it will be assembled according to your idea.

sliding door operatormotor lock for sliding door