KBB new product----commercial balance door

Nov. 18, 2015

About the two problems of door weight and indoor/outdoor differential pressure, which existence universally for manual sliding door on the market at present. After years of research and development, KBB commercial balance door is the best solution.

The advantage of KBB balance door

1. Door structure

In the structural design of the door, KBB balance door use skillfully Li Yongle pressure principle, completely solve the internal and external pressure problems which encountered in the process of opening the door for the traditional bomb doors, sliding doors and other commercial door. Making more effort and more convenient to open the door.

2. The Centre suspended

KBB balance door hanging unique structure in the center, will be carrying the weight of the door from the original 200KG to 1600KG, able to meet the requirements of various large their area, will no doubt be the best solution for high-end avant-garde building entrances, making more effort and more convenient to open the door.

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