KBB new product---Security revolving door

Dec. 03, 2015

KBB security revolving door is another innovative design in 2015, the product is based on 3/4 wing automatic revolving door, in particular, add surveillance recognition control system, it is designed for the customers who have the need of anti-trailing and anti-tracking, and create intelligent building entrance solutions. There are four features for this door as follows:

1. Video analytics

Different from the ordinary traditional security door card or password operation mode, KBB security revolving door uses advanced real-time video capture and video processor image analysis techniques, through authorized and controlled operation mode of the door, to achieve anti-tail, anti-tracking.

2. Anti-tracking and anti-tail Function

3. The emergency brake

We always adhere to the design concept of people-oriented, put the user security in the first place. Therefore KBB security revolving door "emergency brake" function as necessary standard equipment, to ensure the absolute safety of traffic personnel effectively.

4. Size custom service

Security Revolving Door

3/4 Wing Automatic Revolving Door