4 factors when selecting automatic door should be noted

Jun. 20, 2016

With the development of science and technology, automatic door is using more widely, which among the most used in these areas is generally at the entrance gate of the building. Automatic doors in the choice of door type is not restricted, and to consider more the design is beautiful or not, and the momentum, we can choose sliding door, revolving doors, curved doors, even swing door.


revolving door

From the appearance point of view, the revolving door in momentum and aesthetics are the most outstanding. The higher cost of the revolving door, if you want to achieve a similar appearance in the southern city which is warmer, the whole circle of curved sliding door is also a good choice.

Architectural style

Automatic door

Automatic door selection is very rich, which can be selected according to the architectural style. For example, if customers like sliding door, the manufacturers will be able to style according to the appearance of the building, the choice of pure glass doors, aluminum frame glass doors or stainless steel frame of glass doors.


In selecting automatic doors at the same time, we need to learn to identify the quality of automatic doors. From the appearance of automatic doors is concerned, genuine fine workmanship, smooth surface, no scratches, no corners of the gap. Product surface blasting electrophoresis silver (or other spray colors), high gloss, corrosion resistance, scrub, can remain for decades without fading. Imitation of the material surface is generally alumina coating, poor texture.

Modern automatic doors promising

With the improvement of people's living standards and technology, automatic doors for its convenience, aesthetics and intelligence to meet the current needs of people, and greatly reduces the entry of labor intensity and improve the traffic efficiency. Today, with the growing construction of buildings, of the automatic door industry development prospects are substantial.