What is emergency automatic doors?

Jun. 27, 2016

With the development of urban construction, the appearance of building is high demand increasingly. As a channel entrance facade, whose installation of automatic doors make the overall construction quality improved. Automatic doors with convenient, beautiful, safe, widely used in many occasions, especially larger airports, railway stations, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, banks and other populated density channel inlet. Among them, the automatic sliding door as a compact, which is easy to use and attractive design, the automatic doors of the most common kind. Aautomatic sliding door is applicated widely, along with China's economic development, more and more occasions to use automatic doors.

While a lot of people have doubts, ordinary automatic sliding door meet power failure, and some unexpected emergency situation, it can not open and close properly, is this a security risk?

automatic sliding door

To solve this problem, there has been an emergency automatic doors (emergency push-speed automatic doors, automatic doors opened emergency). On the ordinary automatic sliding door basis, emergency automatic doors increase emergency push means. Whether automatic doors at any position, sector-wide body can be opened from the inside. Just after pushing the reset can resume normal use.

emergency automatic doors

In such emergency situations, especially large flow density occasion event of emergencies, people will naturally rushed to the door, even in the automatic door closed, power outages and other circumstances, the emergency automatic doors can be opened, avoid unexpected happens.