12 giant green buildings design in the world(3)

Aug. 31, 2016

I want to share the last 4 giant green buildings around the world. Surely, you must remmber that I am special in silding door design.

9. The Surrey Hotel underground green belt

Since the ground floor living within the existing woodland, the field of vision of nearby residents will not be affected, you can enjoy the natural beauty that can not be touched.

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10. Beijing Creative green belt area

Beijing is a rapidly growing urban air pollution and the pain of being battered. Greening the city much-needed creative band appears, in the provision of natural space for Beijing residents while preventing further development.

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11. Masdar Sustainable Cities

City residential, commercial and recreational facilities all located on one huge square around the design is intended to be a model for other cities in the world for sustainable development.

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12. Giant power tower in Brazil

Power Tower will provide a lot of power Olympics, a symbol of the forces of nature scenes of waterfalls pouring down only occurs when specific occasions.

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