How to Build and Install a Sliding Door?

Oct. 18, 2016

Many people want to decorate their sliding doors by themsleves. Though KBB is automatic door manufacturer for big buildings, I also can tell you how to build and install sliding door for your house.

1. Get Started: Build, Paint and Hang

Before building the door, measure the doorway.

2. Cut Wood Pieces

Cut proper boards to make the outer frame of the door.

3. Frame It

Use the other two proper pieces of wood to make the horizontal supports in the interior frame.

4. Plan for the Handle

Mount a proper piece of wood on either side of the frame at the height you would like your door handle to be.

5. When You're Finished

Here's what your frame should look like after you've built the frame and installed additional supports.

6. Attach Plywood and Insulate

Attach the plywood sheet to the back of the door. Apply wood glue on all top surfaces of the pieces of both your inner and outer frames.

7. Paint It

Use spackle to fill in the screw holes. Lightly sand to ensure your entire surface is smooth and ready for paint.

8. Install Hardware

Measure 6" in from either end of the bottom of the door to attach rolling casters.

9. Hang It

Installing the hardware is best accomplished with the help of a buddy.