How to purchase automatic curved door?

Nov. 09, 2016

Automatic curved door is a kind of sliding door, is also named curved sliding door. Which including automatic door operator, motor, belt drive, and hanging wheel combination.

curved sliding door

Here I will tell that you should choose curved door through these aspects.

1. From the material

Let manufacturers supply sample or the door angle. You can measure the thickness of the wall through the material section. The real material profile is 3.0mm, while ordinary profiles only 1.3-1.5mm. Corner thickness of the genuine connector: 10.0mm. Aluminum door connections only 3-5mm thick.

2. From the appearance

Genuine has the characteristics that fine workmanship, surface formation, no obvious scratches, corner seamless. Whose surface with sandblasting electrophoresis silver-white (or other spray color). It has high gloss, corrosion resistance, scrub, can keep for decades without fading. While imitation of the material surface of the alumina coating is generally poor texture.

3. From accessories

Genuine accessories work fine, accurate positioning installation, no bias. In particular, the key components behind closed doors, all genuine selected from foreign brands, advanced products, and counterfeit products for domestic models or imported models of low-end products.

4. From technology

Authentic door assembly process for the screw + welding of the dual reinforcement assembly process, to ensure that the life of the door corner does not crack.

5. From after-sales service

Genuine free warranty for more than three years, some counterfeit goods without warranty, or maintenance is not timely and costly.

Automatic Arc Sliding Door

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