KBB new product- KSG turnstiles

Jan. 19, 2017

KBB new generation of KSG turnstiles through the door series products slim appearance, sophisticated workmanship, powerful and perfect, stable and reliable performance, safe and stable operation.

KSG turnstiles

Its unique fully automatic fast-moving door wing and multiple access memory control system, you can easily manage the flow of traffic. With advanced sensing technology to deal with a variety of complex use of the environment, to ensure that each authorized access is safe and smooth, while illegal trailing and cross will be blocked and issued a sound and light alarm.

According to customer requirements, KSG turnstiles series products through the appearance and color with a variety of options, and interior decoration style to match, to the greatest extent to meet the aesthetic needs of customers. Which used in hotel door and plaza revolving door.


● Commercial and office buildings, headquarters base

● Office buildings, government affairs hall

● Banks and other financial institutions, back-office service centers

● Scientific research institutions, software parks

● Cultural and educational institutions, schools