4 characteristics of hermetic door - KH1000

Feb. 17, 2017

KBB, a revolving door manufacturer in China, manufactured hermetic door - KH1000 recently. Its feathers as followings:

Hermetic Door

1. KH1000 non-contact open way to make it a special place for the entrance of the first choice, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

2. KH1000 in the door close to the closed position can also be moved down 10mm, inward shift 5mm. In addition, the polyurethane foam process filled with a silicone seal around the door, the door and the door can be tightly integrated, to achieve a good seal, sound insulation.

3. The operator uses a special V-shaped concave track and load-bearing roller design to ensure that the two are always tangent between the door to run more smoothly and reduce noise. The use of self-lubricating roller material and dust-proof design, so that KH1000 maintenance more simple and convenient.

4. KH1000 door by the aluminum alloy frame and spray aluminum plate, the door on the observation window with double glass, to meet the needs of special areas.

Hermetic Door

Learn more hermetic door via www.kbbdoor.com.