The structure of three-wing / four-wing automatic revolving door

Feb. 29, 2016

KBB provides many high quality automatic revolving doors. Then I will tell you some structures of three-wing/ four-wing automatic revolving door.

Axis through the center of the door bearing means mounted vertically to the ground, three or four door wings diverge at the center of the door-mounted shaft, is equal to the angle between the respective doors, one inner push (clockwise) between the fan door.

On the basis of the manual revolving door, above or below the center of the door shaft mounted motor and other electrical control components, together with sensors and safety devices, it has become automatic revolving door. The stability of this structure, high reliability, long service life

Automatic revolving door also consider the rapid evacuation during an emergency, staff, and then the door wing revolving door can be opened manually during a power outage, the formation of evacuation routes, will Shing-kai automatic revolving door in state power, each leaf into together. To form a secure channel in order to achieve the purpose of evacuees.