Its own story of KBB

Apr, 27, 2016

We all browse and read many stories everyday. Happy or sad, real or fairy. I want to write our own story of KBB. Speaking of KBB, we always say it is the biggest automatic sliding door manufacturer, it produces the best quality of sliding door. Then if you really know the KBB, a great automatic door supplier in the world automatic door industry.

old master in KBB

First I introduce a old master who manufacture door in our company. We ofen have big business, if the door that he was responsible, he must amount the size himself. He is always scoffed for someone think out of the provinces speed ideas. When installing the door, in order to "look at your hotel's main building is exactly what color, style does not match with the door take with this profile okay ", he personally took apprentice and installers to fear the place is inappropriate. Sometimes customers’ recommendations are intended position not to his, he is anxiety of death. When the automatic door is installed completely, he stroked the door full love in his eye.