Surface Treatment APP for KBB Automatic Doors

Jul. 14, 2016

In order to show the Surface Treatment of KBB automatic doors easily, as well as to assist our distributor & agents to show our surface treatment to their clients smoothly, we just developed a APP for mobile phone /pad, support for both Android and IOS system.

sliding door

How to install the App?

1. To confirm which system of cellphone we used, IOS or Android?

2. To choose QR code according to the system we used, IOS or Android

( Please check the QR code at the bottom ).

3. To scan the QR code according to our system ( IOS or Android ), then

we have to download the App according to the systme prompt,and install the App into our cellphone.

4. When we saw the icon on our cellphone, it means the installation for

App is successful.

5 .Press the icon , then we will see the App work on the cellphone.

revolving door