How to install automatic sliding door?

Aug. 22, 2016

There are many automatic sliding doors in our lives, and do you know how to install it?

automatic sliding door

Many people think they do not have to understand, after all the installation of door is decorated master’s work. Of course not, the understand of its installation techniques is helpful for our post-use.

1. Door hanging installation

1). Use the included door hanger bolt assembly is mounted to the door hanger device on the specified location.

2). Pulley hanging device linked to the power beam.

2. Limit installations

1). Remove the mounting bolts loose retainer.

2). The stopper means to determine the embedding into the rail power beam.

3). The first movement of the door body to determine the position of the door opening and closing, and then determine the position of the stopper.

4). Use the hex wrench to fasten the mounting bolts indeed.