How to install automatic sliding door?(2)

Aug. 24, 2016

Today, I still share you with the installation of automatic sliding door.

automatic sliding door

3. Adjust the belt tension

1) Place the device to the left pull tensioner, the belt kept taut, and then tighten the four plate bolts.

2) Loosen the four adjustable fixed bolts.

3) Clockwise direction tension adjustment bolt to adjust the belt tension.

4) Tighten the four adjustment plate mounting bolts.

4. Adjustment Control System

1) Adjust the front door with your hand to promote body motion fan several times to ensure that the door can smoothly switch.

2) Set the left and right switch, according to the opening direction of the door, set the left or right. When is a double door, switch on the right.

3) Set the sensor mode when the switch is on the right, for the first induction method, on the left, the secondary induction method.

4) When the door is closed after the turn on the power switch.

5. Install the probe:

1) Open the sensor: Before installing the rear of the probe from the probe shell open with a screwdriver.

2) Sensor Installation Preparation: Place the box you want to map the location of the installation, according to FIG drilling, the probe lead wire from the hole piercing.

3) Wiring and installation: Lead the wires through the hole and tighten the two screws to retain sufficient wire connected to the wiring board.

4) Adjust the angle of the probe radiation environment of the scene according to choose the right angle, be careful not to touch the plane antenna adjustment. So as not to make it fail.