12 giant green buildings design in the world(1)

Aug. 26, 2016

Owing to the favor for automatic doors, I always pay attention to magnificent bulidings. Today I want to share 12 giant green buildings around the world.

1. Vertical solar village in Dubai

Dubai is a country full of creativity, where incredible buildings are standing one by one. Many people may ask why. Except sand and creativity, Dubai has plenty of sunshine. Then Vertical solar village is appearing.

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2. Bubble-shaped freshwater plants in Spain

Precious freshwater mangrove drilled after in vitro evaporated and condenses into dew, fresh water pool within the plant is responsible for collecting dew.

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3. One & Ortakoy buildings in Turkey

It consists of two buildings constituted positive use of natural stone to build. Wherein a residential building, and the other is a commercial building.

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4. Green roof high school in French

A school with undulating green roof, which plays a role for natural insulation.

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Owing to limits of time and effort, today I only share these four to your. Learn more at www.kbbdoor.com – a web with silding door and other doors.