KC1000 arc automatic revolving doors from KBB

Sep. 19, 2016

KC1000 arc automatic revolving doors not only have beautiful appearance like revolving doors, but can be as smooth as the sliding door to ensure greater traffic volume, especially suitable for exhibition, auto gallery, office buildings, restaurants and theaters and other places.

Features 1:

"Look elegant and beautiful."

swing door

Gentle arc shape, transparent crystal glass doors, filling light, the beauty of harmony between the curved doors opening and closing. Whether it is inside or outside the arc hanging hanging arc, can meet the design requirements while building entrance, and for you to create a comfortable, safe, quiet space traffic.

Features 2:

"Security Intelligence"

swing door

The use of "high-speed CPU master chip" as a standard assembly, built-in master control system can automatically stop and reverse operation safety functions Difficult to avoid potential danger to pedestrians or objects cause injury, damage.

Features 3:

"Unique PSA Control Panel"

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Users can easily select the operating mode of the control panel curved doors, curved doors set operational control parameters. When the door body is experiencing a failure, you can intuitively understand parts of the fault via the control panel.