The secret of automatic door

Sep. 21, 2016

There exsit surprise in our life, such as intelligent and automated. Which brought us convenience. Automatic doors of a wide variety of states are familiar with many people. KBB will talk to you a special and magical works about automatic sliding door.

Automatic door system consists of sensors, controllers, motors, rails and door components.

Most sensor microwave sensors, the equivalent of a radar, when a movement nearby object, it sends a signal to the controller.

The controller is generally used PLC micro-computer programming, we open the door can be adjusted by the controller, when the closing speed. The controller controls operation of the motor, motor connection (via hanging pieces) hanging above the door body member connected by toothed belt and the door, there is a pulley, door pulley hanging member by hanging on the rails and hanging pieces you can slide. Rails fixed to the beam, beam with solid walls on both sides of the connection. Gravity door by the rail support, haulage doors slide around on the rail, this way, you can customize the magic switch closes.

Automatic doors can be said that the principle is actually very easy to understand, the whole automatic door constituting a few words can be finished, and we are very surprised by the use of automatic doors, and feel the magic. In fact, a variety of professional and some of the things is not difficult, but we do not keep an eye on too.

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