Some errors about medical automatic door(1)

Nov. 01, 2016

Nowadays, there are many automatic doors using in hospital. We call them medical door. They can open and close automatically, with the use of induction control system, which give give greatly facilitates for our daily life. However, there may be some false fault conditions.

False 1:

Medical automatic door will continue to open or close on their own, regardless of whether someone passes.

medical automatic door


  1. There may be moving objects into the induction sensor range of sensors, such as pedestrians, vehicles, flags and even shaking the shadows;

  2. The detection range of the probe is too down. When the door is about to close, the probe and the sensor to the activities of the door, detection sensors mistakenly believe that there are activities through the object, resulting in re-opening the door;

  3. The probe may be fixed on the beams of the beam jitter phenomenon, so that the probe along with jitter, resulting in non-stop switch door.