Some errors about medical automatic door(2)

Nov. 01, 2016

KBB will tell you some errors about medical door.

medical door

Fasle 2:

Medical automatic door leaf in the running sound loudly, which have been used in automatic doors that using long time.


1. The door wheel spreader for a long time running a certain wear and tear, such as the emergence of a slight wear and tear of the situation, you can track and go round a cleaning, you can also add a little oil to go round the bearing, but can not give Rail and plastic wheels on the oil injection, because the oil is easy to smoke dust, make the wheel to damage faster;

2. Part of the metal connector loose phenomenon, just re-reinforcement can be;

3. The activities of doors and fixed doors have a grinding Sassafras phenomenon and noise;

4. The lower part of the guidance system damage, will also cause a big voice, and if so, need to be replaced;

5. The beam in the initial construction did not do a good job, or with the upper part of the ceiling had a resonance phenomenon.