Do you know hospital operating door?

Nov. 24, 2016

The width of hospictal operating door should not be less than 1.4m, which should set the automatic open and close the door. The hospital inductive door has a sealed, noise, can be isolated from indoor and outdoor air circulation, isolated indoor and outdoor sound interference, suitable for hospitals and other indoor air cleanliness and quietness of the higher requirements of the place. It is characterized by:


Gently open the door slowly closed

Medical Door

If you squeeze a person or object when you close the door, the door opens in the opposite direction. After that, the equipped movement adjustment function automatically closes the door while confirming safety. You should open the door gently, that is to say the door resistance is small.


Computer chip as a circuit control

Medical Door

The use of computer chips as circuit control, to remove the physical failure caused by easy operation of electrical contacts, to maintain a reliable long-term open and close action. Smooth opening and closing movements, even in the fast direction of movement, there is the best brake control, to prevent the movement is not stable. Usually with foot sensor automatic control, elbow manually open. Door machine components are divided into belts and gear drives.

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