Have you read the door of traditional Chinese architecture?

Dec. 01, 2016

KBB, a crystal door manufacturer in China, not only provide automatic door, but also do a study about traditional Chinese architecture. Today I want to bring you to meet some traditional door in China.

General of the door


Old southern officialdom of the door, it is more than serious, in almost stiff symmetry, revealing with solemn dignity.

Flower gate

Old people often say "the door is not out, two do not step", two door refers to the vertical flowers door. Kou Hua Men commonly used in scholarly door, talented people.

Palace door

Palace gate is a Chinese ancient building a house-style house, for the palace. There are usually three doors and five five three Kai door two levels, the door has a door tack.

Moon Gate

Chinese people like the full moon, the full moon in the entire cycle represents integrity or perfection, so people always put the full moon and reunion   together. This kind of door is commonly used in the garden, sometimes with other auspicious meaning of the pattern, such as octagonal, Aquarius type.

Are you intrested in these traditional doors? Next I will introduce anothers to you. After all, KBB sail in Asia and the world automatic door industry. We supply medical door and hotel door for you.