How to distinguish the quality of the revolving door?

Dec. 10, 2016

Distinguish the quality of the revolving door is not a simple thing.

automatic door

At first, from the appearance of the automatic door is concerned, the high quality door has the characteristics of the real fine workmanship, surface smooth, no obvious scratch, and corner cracks.

Second, in terms of the material of automatic doors, let the manufacturer to provide material sample or door Angle. From the material section profiles can be detected in wall thickness, and the real profile wall thickness of 3.0 mm. General profile is only 1.3 1.5 mm. The thickness of the corner fittings genuine is 10.0 mm. Ordinary aluminum door fittings only 3-5 mm thick.

Then, from the fittings and view of automatic door, the real parts have exquisite workmanship, accurate installation, and no deviation.

Finally, from the after-sales service of automatic doors, genuine free warranty period are more than three years, and a commitment to lifelong maintenance. Some fake goods without warranty, or not timely maintenance.

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