4 aspects about choosing automatic door

Dec. 15, 2016

From the automatic doors of the material and view, so that manufacturers like to provide samples or door angle, from the material section can be measured at the thickness of the profile, the real thickness of 3.0mm wall profiles. Ordinary profile is only 1.3-1.5mm. Corner connector thickness of the real thing is 10.0mm. Ordinary aluminum door connections only 3-5mm thick.

From the automatic door of the process quality, the process of genuine door assembly process for the screw and welding of the dual reinforcement assembly process point of view, to ensure that the door corner does not crack for life, usually only screw connection or single point welding.

From the automatic door accessories and as the genuine work of fine accessories, installation positioning accuracy, no bias.

Finally, from the automatic revolving door of the after-sales service, the genuine warranty period of more than three years, and commitment to life-long maintenance. Some counterfeit goods without warranty, or maintenance is not timely and costly.