How to through automatic doors correctly and safely in the mall?(1)

Dec. 22, 2016

When you bring your childern to the hall, what need you attention expect escalators and climbing walls?

Ok, it is the entrance of the mall automatic doors! Whether it is an automatic sliding doors or revolving doors, thry move the doors on their own with a certain ris. At a result, you should make sure to tell the children how to through the door in safety in advance.

Sliding Door

When throgh silding door

1. Children have better to through the automatic slidling door with their mom or dad, and they work in the front.

2. When children need pass an automatic door on their own, you must tell them that if the door have begun to close, they should stop at the door. When they ensure the door open no both side again, they can pass.

3. The top of it, you must tell your children in advance: never hand clinging to side of automatic door. Because they may be caught in the slide when sliding door and fixed between the slits dangerous!