What should you consider when choose sliding door operator?

Dec. 17, 2016

Chooing best silding door operator is very important for a automatic door. Here I will tell 5 considerations of choosing it.

Sliding Door Operator

1. If you need the automatic stop function after opening the door

2. Damping buffer function

After you open the door to a certain position fastly, there will be a damping buffer, which can be adjusted range from damping buffer force and range.

Fast opening to a certain position after the damping buffer,

1. Delay slow closing

The door can be colsed slowly from the maximum position it open, which stepless regulation with requirements.

4. Closing force adjustable function

5. Use of the environment: fire requirements (fire requirements), antifreeze requirements (the North minus 35 degrees in winter places)

Sliding Door Operator

If you buy sliding door from KBB, you would never cosider the selection about sliding door operator, the quality of KBB door can be guaranteed.