The future development trend of automatic doors(1)

Dec. 28, 2016

We can see many lobby revolving doors in our life, such hotel door, office building automatic door. Do you know the future development trend of automatic doors?

1. Production technology

In almost every industry, science and technology has always been an inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of industrial upgrading. Automatic assembly line will increase the advantages of automatic door products: door surface smoothness higher, more accurate size and better consistency;

In addition, the door of the intelligent function will be stronger. Automatic door closers, mechanical locks, multi-button design will be a major change, the entire industry will move in the direction of intelligent development.

2. Personalized product needs

Nowadays, consumer attitudes are maturing with the consumption level of the upgrade, more and more consumers are pursuing personalized decoration style. The corresponding door will drive the design towards personalized and customized service direction. Enterprises will take the initiative to establish their own style, to meet consumer demand.

I will introduce other development trends of crystal door. Be always concerned about