The future development trend of automatic doors(2)

Dec. 29, 2016

Connecting the last news about the development trend of automatic doors:

3. Product development brand

Crystal Revolving Door

With the in-depth development of the market, the homogenization of the product is becoming more and more serious, that is to say, the product imitation is very hard to detect. In recent years, many domestic door industry enterprises in the international exhibition on alleged fake infringement of complaints, and therefore suffered varying degrees of loss. The patented products can be seen everywhere, as is the difference in market competition, but also better in the market competition to protect themselves and their customers. Brand building will become the door industry enterprises, especially the leading enterprises to win the market focus. So KBB will be brand and provide patented crystal revolving door.

4. The use of human products

Crystal Revolving Door

With the continuous pursuit of living conditions, the automatic door technology has emerged as a high-tech products, it has the advantages of ordinary doors are not: elegant and beautiful, and more safe and comfortable, more convenient to use. Automatic door can be realized without electricity from the tube, while saving energy, and wind, dust, reduce noise, both convenient and enhance the modernization of the building.

5. Product maintenance-free

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Take a variety of measures to reduce the use of the maintenance work.

6. Product diversification

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There will be a variety of different appearance and function of the product to meet the different needs of users. For example, as hospital automatic door.

7. High security

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With the increase in user security awareness, security will be a user attaches great importance to an indicator, will also be a basic requirement.