How to achieve the anti-tailing effectively through access control system ?

Jan. 13, 2017

Anti-trailing in the prison management and a number of access and management requirements of the higher places, which often used in the park, canteen, etc. In order to achieve better management results, KBB suggested the following ways:

1) The installation of wing gate, swing gate or tripod turnstile, which gate and swing gate can only be used indoors, only 55-60cm in width, allowing only one person through. Tripod turnstile can be used outdoors, it is easy to cross, while its security requirements is high and the effect is not ideal. There is also a full-height fence revolving door, to avoid trailing and crossed, but the higher cost.

Revolving Door

2) Two-way card reader, and set the anti-submarine back. If the trailing cardholder enter, the card reader is invalid, which achieve the purpose of anti-tail. However, go out, if the trailing also along with the card holders to go out, it also can not achieve the true purpose of anti-tail.

Revolving Door

3) Two-way anti-submarine card reader to add two-door interlock in this way. Two-door interlock can basically solve the trailing, because to open a second door, the first door must be locked, or the second door can not open, two-door access controller supports two-way credit card, Interlock function; just install the door sensor, and set the software, you can achieve two-door interlock.

Revolving Door