How to install the automatic sliding door?(2)

Jan. 06, 2017

Today I continue to introduce the installation of automatic sliding door.

3) Belt tension adjustment

1. Pull the tensioner assembly to the left, tighten the belt, and then tighten the four press bolts.

2. Loosen the four adjustment screws.

2. Turn the tension adjustment screw clockwise to adjust the belt tension.

4. Tighten the four adjusting plate fixing bolts.

4) control system adjustment

1. Please adjust the door by hand several times to ensure that the door can be smooth switch.

2. Set the left and right toggle switch, according to the door opening direction, set the left or right. When the door is double-opened, the switch is set to the right.

3. Set the sensing mode. When the switch is on the right side, it is the first sensing mode. On the left side, it is the secondary sensing mode.

4. Turn on the power switch when the door is closed.

5) probe installation:

1. Sensor opening: Before installation, use a screwdriver to open the probe housing from the rear of the probe.

2. Sensor installation preparation: the map will be placed inside the box to the installation location, according to map hole, the probe line from the lead-line hole piercing.

3. Wiring and installation: Wire the wire through the lead wire hole, tighten the two screws, to retain the wire enough to receive the wiring board.

4. Adjust the angle of the probe irradiation According to the site environment to choose the right angle, please be careful not to touch the plane antenna. So as not to make it malfunction.

The above is my installation method of sliding door for everyone. Hoping is helpful for you.