Some installation considerations of automatic revolving door

Apr. 13, 2017

There are still many installation considerations expect for the details of the problem, when you install automatic revolving door. It is necessary to understand the consideration of installation, you can not only manage the revolving door, but also eliminate some security risks.

automatic revolving door

1. Material requirements

Automatic revolving door installation materials should be designed in accordance with the design requirements in the factory or in accordance with the design requirements of the market to buy. Installation materials include expansion bolts, bolts, nails, electrodes, wipes, hardware and so on.

2. The choice of the main tool

Of course, before the installation to understand it mainly use what tools, such as impact drill, nail gun, welding machine, taps, etc. are indispensable. In addition, such as electrical tools, gray line bag, hanging wire fall, wrench, hand hammer, steel tape, brush, level, by the foot, broom is also a commonly used tool, as far as possible to provide.

3. Other

Check the position of the embedded steel plate of the upper hanging roller device of the automatic door is correct. If there is any deviation, it should be dealt with in time.

Automatic doors of various spare parts quality should be consistent with the existing national standards, industry standards, and selected according to design requirements.