How to install automatic revolving door?

Apr. 11, 2017

Automatic revolving doors are widely used in hotels, office buildings and other high-end places. Many people shuttle them all day, while don’t understand the knowledge of revolving door. Taking the installation as an example, how many people understand it? Here I tell you 3 aspects about installation.

Revolving Door

1. Pre-installation preparation

According to KBB professional installation workers, the preparation before the installation, including on-site construction conditions, the measurement of the door, which should be taken into account before construction, and for specific site investigation, in order to be able to quickly into the installation process go with.

2. Door machine installation work

Door machine is to provide automatic power to the revolving door of the mechanical device, generally choose to install the wall, neither affect the aesthetics, but also make full use of wall space, it should be noted that the installation must be flat before the wall, so as not to cause the track Bending to produce a noise condition.

3. Door installation

After the activities of the door mounted on the measurement of the activities of the door and the fixed door between the upper and lower are equal, and then push the door to align with the fixed door and then a good belt and stop plate. Rotary door of the person in charge told us to finish these, we must adjust the inspection, if not achieved, can be adjusted as needed.

After know the installation of automatic door, you must learn office buildings and hotel revolving door at all aspects.