The international project of KBB automatic doors

Jan. 07, 2016

Asia is the most important part of KBB business. Every year there are a large number of automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, medical airtight doors and other types of products are widely used in hotels, office buildings, the malls, hospitals, etc. It can be seen that KBB has established a leadership position in the field of automatic doors in Asia.

The followings are some applications of KBB door in Aisa:

Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters Building

KA023 revolving doorFederation of Korean Industries Headquarters Building, the tallest building in South Korea's, which located in Seoul, the architectural designation is very dynamic, KBB supply the KA071 and KA023 revolving door, the surface of doors are treated with stainless steel package decoration.

Pearl of the Orient

revolving door

Manila, Philippines Pearl of the Orient building, with KBB KM023 three-wing manual revolving door, the surface is anodized.