The international showcase : KBB automatic doors for Western Asia

Jan. 13, 2016

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran ... these countries not only have a mysterious exoticism, but also have many dazzling and luxury buildings , while import and export solutions to these buildings are mostly provided by KBB automatic doors.

Dubai Movenpick Hotel adopts KBB KA023 3 wing automatic revolving door, the surface of the door covered with stainless steel, which consist with the noble, grand ornate style of hotel overall atmosphere .

3 wing automatic revolving door

Bahrain Ministry of Labour Building

revolving door

Bahrain is an island country in the southwest of the Persian Gulf. It was the first country extracting oil in the Gulf region, and now it has become the bank and financial center of The Gulf region. The project is the Bahrain Ministry of Labour Building. KBB installs KA023 3 wing automatic revolving door for this building and the surface has anodized .