Classic sliding door operator upgrade of KBB--KS100

Jan. 29, 2016

KBB, a master supply of automatic door industry in China, never stop the pursuit of "innovation". Following the classical sliding door KS1000 and KS3000 gained widespread high praise, KBB officially launched in the near future - KS100 upgrade products. 

classic sliding door operator upgrade

The biggest characteristic of KS100 lies in its "high integrity" and "safety and humanized design", embodies as follows:

1. Extremely compact controller design;

2. Patent type high-power switching power supply;

3. Simplicity and motor driver design;

4. Rich way of manipulation;

5. Convenient fault recognition design;

6. Safety voltage power supply;

7. Reinforced strengthening design.

KS100, your choice in the field of sliding door!