The secret security automatic doors

Mar. 08, 2016

By finishing in recent years related to automatic doors security news, we found some security problems of the conventional automatic doors.

interior automatic door

The first is due to the failure of the interior automatic door opening and closing, the pedestrian is passing the pinch. The second category is the door automatic doors damaged, resulting in injuries to pedestrians not work, or is injured pedestrians. Mainly due to the above two types of automatic door product quality problems or artificial external causes.

Automatic doors security reasons, summed up the two main reasons: poor quality parts and not match the overall package. After in-depth research, we found that more people do not know the big secret security: automatic sliding door to the most widely used, and automatic sliding door opening and closing under normal circumstances can not, can not even open! manufacturers are described in the case of power failure, there is a battery backup, automatic sliding door can be maintained short run.