8 major advantages of automatic door sensors

Mar. 11, 2016

automatic door

Automatic door sensors have 8 major advantages:

1. The microcomputer control module compact design, 220V power supply, wide application, without having to configure additional transformer.

2. Drive with high efficiency, high torque, small size brushless DC motor, gear box with helical gears operating mode, quiet operation, stable, durable, easy to wear; fear high and low impact on the climate.

3. Difficult automatically rebound to pinch and damage the unit.

4. Motor means having a self-locking function, improve safety.

5. Seiko designed shock absorption silencer rail, smooth operation, low noise, and long service life.

6. Unique features modular design, you can connect a variety of sensors, access control systems.

7. The terminal plate is provided with two-way power function of insurance, due to voltage instability greatly guarantee; irregularities arising from the main core is damaged; minimize loss, but also easy inspection and maintenance.

8. Using a remote control device automatic door sensors: lock, unlock, not only into, out without, open, half-open, the door becomes colorful.