KBB will jointly overseas top designers create classic door area

May. 31, 2016

We all know that door is the most exquisite place of a building. Ingenious door design allows the building area worth double, and let us impressive!

double building

KBB, which focus on the field of automatic doors more than 20 years, has always been customer-oriented and was concentrated on studying how to combine the aesthetic and practical perfection. In order to continuously provide customers with value-added services to broaden the channels and by providing a "comprehensive overall solution", which help customers effectively enhance construction quality, to maximize the value of the building.

Based on this, in early 2016, KBB and a number of top European Design Institute senior architect on depth discussions and exchanges, we two sides eventually building design door zone reached a strategic cooperation memorandum, jointly launched the top door area design plan, which provide customers with tailor-made international, professional, personalized service sliding door area design!