How to install the automatic sliding door?(1)

Jan. 05, 2017

Many people believe that installing door is the master's thing, they do not have to understand. While it is wrong. Understanding its installation skills is helpful for our later use. You need to master sliding door of installation sequence, which requires us to follow the copy of the horizon - to rail - beam - the motor - door - to debug such a process in order to avoid the sequence caused by automatic door installation works flawed or can not be normal.

sliding automatic door

1) The installation of door hanging

1. Attach the hanger assembly to the specified position on the door using the attached door suspension bolt assembly.

2. Attach the pulley of the suspension to the power beam.

silding door

2) The installation of limit device

1. Loosen the mounting bolts of the stopper.

2. Locate the limiter assembly in the guide rail of the power beam.

3. You need move the door to determine the door opening and closing position, and then determine the location of the limiter.

4. Securely tighten the mounting bolts with hex wrench.

I will introduce the installation of sliding automatic door in next news.