Do you know the material of revolving door?

Mar. 30, 2017

Revolving door agglomerates various advantages of all kinds of doors. Its spacious and high style design creates a luxurious atmosphere, which can be called the eye of building. Rotary doors enhance wind resistance and reduce air conditioning energy consumption, which is the best choice for isolated airflow and energy saving. That is why more and more office building revolving door we can see in the street.

To achieve the perfect effect of the revolving door decoration, the material is an important factors. I will show you related knowledge of revolving door material as followings:

Metallic material

Hotel Revolving Door

In all kinds of engineering materials, the most widely used metal materials.

Polymer Material

Hotel Revolving Door

Polymer materials usually include three types, namely plastic, rubber and synthetic fibers.


Hotel Revolving Door

The composite material is made of two or more materials with distinctly different physical and mechanical properties, and the different materials can be used as the reinforcing phase and the basic phase of the material, respectively.