How to maintain copper door?

Apr. 06, 2017

We are one of automatic door companies, here we will introduce some about copper door.

On the surface of the copper door regularly or irregularly waxing. With a cotton towel to wipe the copper door above the dust in the copper door after playing a layer of wax. Tongmen surface after the natural oxidation of color to spray a layer of colorless paint, so that color freeze, but the paint a long time will occur a certain aging, aging will produce a lot of naked eye can not see the subtle cracks. The oxygen molecules in the air through these cracks and copper oxidation reaction, the formation of some small spots. Regular waxing will repair these small cracks, and the formation of a layer of natural barrier, so as to achieve the effect of maintenance.

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Do not always use the hands with water (or other solution) to open the door lock, so as not to lock the door lock. When opening the door lock or turning the door handle, do not use too much force to reduce the life of the door lock. Hinges, door locks and other activities of the regular hardware accessories, loose immediately when the tightening. When the door lock is not open, you can add the appropriate amount of pencil core to the keyhole.

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Copper doors in the open and closed to pay attention to the intensity, the need for uniform force, the copper door itself is not easy to damage, but some of the door (mechanical parts) use the process will be appropriate wear, or inflexible, so try to avoid the use of strong Open strong. Inflexible place can use a little lubricant, but should not be used, after lubrication with cotton cloth to dry the grease to avoid adsorption of dust.

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